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Why Am I Here?

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I think many of us have tried to answer that question and we think about all the details of our purpose and our destiny. We think about our personality traits and the things that we [...]

Power Set – Change

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Being renewed in our mind and experiencing change is a lot like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  The caterpillar has everything within it to become a butterfly, yet it has to shed its old [...]

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Power Sets for a New Way of Life

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“I get excited when I hear Tonya is working on a new teaching, seriously! She takes the time to hear from God so when she shares, even an old concept becomes fresh and reinvigorating.”
Deborah Pauley
“Working with Tonya has helped me to have a complete paradigm shift. It has helped me to see things from an eternal perspective. I once was blind, but now I see!”
Betty Mullaney
“If you go to the gym, you are getting your body in shape. Godlifit is the same idea for the spirit and soul. Our Spirit and soul also need a ‘fitness routine’ if we are going to be strong and well internally.
Andy Colagrosso