Today I want to be thankful for redemption. We sing songs about being redeemed. I’ve sung songs for 50 years not really knowing what it means. In a practical sense, in our culture, when we go to redeem something we have a voucher or a certificate that says this belongs to me and I can go and exchange it for what really belongs to me.
In the Old Covenant, all they could do was atone for sin, but Jesus came and lived His life and showed us what our life looked like fully redeemed back to Him. The Apostle Paul teaches us that this truly did happen, that Christ redeemed us, and he did not buy us back from the enemy because the enemy never owned us in the first place. We have always belonged to God, we just didn’t know it. When we live from that natural man, how life has shaped us to where we behold the earth, then we don’t reflect the life that we have been redeemed to. Jesus redeemed us, and He paid with His life. He wants you to know that you are just as valuable as what He has exchanged it for. This truth of redemption, what a joy, what a peace, when we simply believe the truth. We don’t have to work any harder at this. That can stop the moment we believe that Christ has truly redeemed us. I am believing that I have been redeemed and I am inviting you to believe.  Let’s receive Him and lay our old life down. He has redeemed us. Today I am thankful for redemption.