I heard this question in my heart: Is there life after death?
Most of the time when we hear this question, we are thinking of life after we leave the earth, but eternal life doesn’t start when we leave the planet. Jesus said that knowing him and knowing the Father is eternal life. Let’s go back to the question of: Is there life after the death of the old nature? Can we trust Jesus to let it go and experience the life that he promised? In Matthew 16, it is the account of Peter, where he wants to stop Jesus from going to the cross. Jesus said you have the things of men on your heart and not the things of God.
Mankind has a way of the heart that is very turned inward and of a self-centered life. This is where the kingdom of darkness rules. The Lord is asking, “Is there life after allowing that kind of life to die?” I believe there is, I truly believe there is. There is something very true and very real about that time following when Jesus was rebuking Peter. He said, “If any man or woman would come after me, he must deny himself, the self that God didn’t create. That self that is turned inward and self-focused and is jealous and bitter and unforgiving, in need of acceptance and approval. He said if you would say goodbye to that self, then we come alive in Him. We take up the cross and we start where He finished. He said if we let go of this life we gain life. We will actually experience the life of God that is in Christ Jesus.”
Is there life after death? Yes, abundant life! It has nothing to do with your circumstances or the people around you. It has everything to do what you perceive and what you see in your heart. It is all a gift from God. We just need to simply receive it, enjoy it, and give it away.