Today I am thankful for Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel like I am just scratching the surface on who the Holy Spirit wants to be in our lives. I am so thankful that Jesus said unless I go away, I can’t really duplicate myself, but I am going to send one who is going to come and teach you all things and he is going to be your counselor and your comforter.
He is going to abide with you and be with you all the time. I used to always hear that preached and I am just coming to learn how true that really is. If you have ever had the desire to have a very best friend, the Holy Spirit longs to be that very best friend. He is always there, and He is creative and so joyful and very comforting. He is not going to comfort your flesh, but He is going to comfort your heart and will always lead you to truth in Christ. He is the Revealer of Christ.
So today I am thankful for Holy Spirit, what a joy. He is Joy. It is my prayer that you open your heart to get to know Him more. Every morning I wake up I say good morning to the Father, I call Him Papa. I welcome the Lord Jesus Christ, He is my beloved, my betrothed, my life partner. He is Truth and the Way and the Life and I have no other gate that I want to walk my life in and through other than His heart and His ways. I say good morning to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is my very best friend, always a companion to me. I love the humor of His heart and His thoughts. It is pretty amazing.
The Holy Spirit will place a thought upon your heart and the more your heart is willing to be led by the Spirit of God, the more the Holy Spirit can work with that. He will ask you to call this person or to invite this person over or to go up and pray for this person and you get to see how the Holy Spirit is paving your life and just walking through life with you. So today I am thankful for Holy Spirit.