Today our Power Set is love. Love is something that everyone wants and needs. We often forget that God so loves us all the time, nonstop, that we go through our lives and we may fail to connect with that love. Sometimes His love can come to us and bring peace and comfort.  Sometimes His love brings correction and redirection. Sometimes His love can come in the way of clarity and power or shows up in fun and laughter. We can never exhaust the love of God. He is so unique and loves us in so many different ways. Wouldn’t you like to be an expression of that kind of love? Let’s learn how.
Exercise #1 – Receive
Our first exercise to love is to receive the unconditional love of God. To allow Him to enter in and consume and possess every area of our heart. You’ve heard it said before that you cannot give what you do not have and that is very true. Our first step is going to be to open our hearts and receive His love.
Exercise #2 – Love Yourself
I know some of us may think that we can love others regardless of how we feel about ourselves, but Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Where is that house now? That house is us. If God loves us and we don’t love ourselves, then our house is divided. The love that we would be able to give to others is going to be very short-circuited and limited. Learn to love yourself as God loves you.
Exercise #3 – Give it Away
What if you brought your home, your thoughts, and feelings into the love of God? What if your heart was overflowing with love towards God and towards people and you were able to give that away so effortlessly because you were so full. You would be able to give so much more because it wouldn’t be you trying to love someone. Sometimes people say, “I love you, but I really want to knock you upside of the head.” That’s not the heart of Christ. Christ wants to so transform your love and your heart to where everything is connected, and you love like He loves. What if your heart was so open that you received His love that you gave yourself that kind of love and loved others. It would change the world.
Each time we work this Power Set we strengthen that inner man and that new nature and we love more like Christ.