Tonya R. Wells

Tonya R. Wells

Who is Tonya?

I’m passionate about knowing and reflecting the heart of Christ in everything I do. Whether I am checking out at the grocery store, facilitating a workshop or fixing dinner with my husband. I love the simple things in life and have come to learn that when you are not attached to people and things then you are free to love and enjoy them.

I love to…

  • be creative in giving gifts to others
  • walk on the grass, sand, and in the water barefoot
  • spend quality time with friends and family
  • read, learn and grow
  • laugh and celebrate life
  • make others smile and feel valuable
  • see God make a difference in someone’s life because He said or did something through me

Me and Steve Ballgame

Family Life

I grew up in a small town in Central West Virginia. My brothers and sister along with their families are now spread out over the East Coast. My dad and step-mother still live in the home I was raised in since I was 14 years old. It’s a joy to return for visits and home-cooked meals. My mother currently lives in the same town I do and over the years I have come to appreciate her and our relationship more and more.

I married my husband Steve in December 2011. He is a rock for me, sure and steady. He is supportive of my work with GodliFit and wants more than anything for me to soar. He has stirred in me a love for baseball and I will catch myself “looking for a game” on TV even when he is not around. I have a daughter by my first marriage and he has two. They are all in college and/or working, living their own lives.

Tonya WS 4

What do you see as your assignment?

I remember standing in my kitchen the summer of 1997 and hearing in my spirit God calling me to be a “Personal Trainer to the Body of Christ”. It’s difficult to explain but I had a knowing as to what that meant; I knew in the natural what a personal trainer was and that God was speaking metaphorically. Christ wants His body to grow and become strong in the True Nature of God. Now after 20+ years as a trainee, I am ready to train others.

Many are frustrated, put-off by or have walked away from the Church. I love the Church. I see the potential of those who have attended church for years becoming more like Christ. God has a way of not losing sight of who He has always seen us to be, and that is full of His Love and Life! Life’s experiences, religion and not knowing who we are in Christ will prevent the Church from reflecting His heart. I’m on assignment to train anyone willing to break free from “trying to do” Christianity to becoming more like Christ and impacting the world God has given them.

Why a gym for the inner-man?

Many of us who have gone to church for years have tried to “apply” Christian principles and Scriptures into our current life rather than understand that God wants to put His life INTO us and make ALL things new!

Through the first Adam and the fall of man, we have learned how to feel, react, rationalize and be moved by our senses, our natural man. For many Christians we now take this natural man to church thinking “this is Christianity”. What about your spirit? What about the spirit that Christ made new in His finished work on the cross and resurrection? When was the last time you exercised that man?

That’s why GodliFit is here! To exercise the NEW man in you and allow God to make all things new. New attitudes, new beliefs about yourself and others, new thoughts and feelings. Who’s ready to join me?