Training Sessions

Welcome to the Training Room of GodliFit! It is here that you will be able to learn and exercise different communication and relational skill sets.

How it works: Purchase and download an audio training set or place an order for a hard copy CD. Worksheets are provided for each training session and can be printed for personal use.

Live Events: GodliFit training sessions can also be experienced “live”. Please see our Mobile Gym for more information.

Thank you for being a part of healing, restoring and reconciling the Body of Christ!

EMOTIONAL WEIGHT LOSS – What excess needs to go? Anger? Shame? Unforgiveness?


RELATIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING – What areas need strengthening? Boundaries? Assertiveness? Interdependence?


MENTAL FLEXIBILITY TRAINING – What areas need to be expanded, stretched? Judgmental thinking? Attachments? All-or-None Thinking and behaving


CORE TRAINING – Strengthening your core better supports other trainings. Topics: Worth & Value, Core Issues and Projection.



MOBILE GYM – GodliFit comes to you!

    • Speaking – Tonya will deliver a message of healing, restoration and reconciliation to your congregation or women’s group.


    • Workshops – Select a training of your choice from the Training Room.  Each workshop is 90 minutes in duration and can be hosted locally in the Charleston, West Virginia area.


    • Seminars – Select up to 3 trainings per day from the Training Room, for either one or two day sessions.  Can be hosted locally, regionally or nationally.


Contact: for booking availability