MENTAL FLEXIBILITY TRAINING – What areas need to be expanded, stretched?

    • Judgment – Nothing will close a heart faster towards yourself or others than to think and act upon judgmental thoughts. Whether you feel better than or less than others, both are destructive. Learn how recognize judgmental thoughts and words and let them go.


    • Attachments – What are you attached to? Not sure? Imagine life without it. Think not only of people, places and things, but attachments to destructive thoughts can also keep us stiff and immobile. Learn how to free your heart from the roller coaster ride that attachments can take you on.


  • All-or-None Thinking & Behaving – Seeing people, places and things as only one way, either as all positive or all negative, will limit our perception and blind us to valuable information.  Learn how to recognize valuable information that will bring about unity and growth in relationships.